Xavax Milk Tube 6 Mm




  • Flexible silicone tube as a spare part for the filling of liquids for fully automatic coffee machines
  • Fantastic resistance against heat and high pressure
  • Extremely smooth surface inside the tube largely prevents the formation of limescale even with very hard water
  • This keeps the water flow rate stable and makes cleaning easy
  • 1 m piece of silicone tube that can be cut individually to the required length
  • The tube is 60° Shore (therefore, it remains stable when warm), translucent and food safe

    Note for Consumers:

  • With the cleaning kit 00111142 and the cleaner 00110733, the milk hose can be cleaned particularly easily

  • Materiaal: Silicone
  • Diameter (buitenmaat): 6 mm
  • Diameter (inner circle): 3 mm
  • Afdeling van product: Xavax
  • Kleurtoon: Transparant
  • Geschikt voor: Vaatwasmachine

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