Hama Car Mountable Socket


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  • Universal installable additional socket for vehicles
  • Suitable for standard and universal plugs
  • Max. power 16 A at 6 to 24 V
  • Installation diameter: 30 mm, installatin depth: 50 mm
  • Attachment by means of connection nut and/or front panel: 61 x 43 mm
  • Protected from moisture and dirt

    Note for Consumers:
    This socket serves as a replacement or additional connection to the 12/24V electrical system
    The socket is very easy to mount, it can be installed in every position.
    Condition for the installation: a hole with a diameter of about 30 mm and an installation depth of 50 mm. The connection nut firmly fixes the socket in hole.
    The protective cap protects from dust and moisture.
    The cover plate can but does not have to be installed as well.

  • Stroomsterkte: 16 A
  • Voorversterker: 6 – 24 V
  • Kleur: Zwart

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