Hama Filter Ultimate UV 55 Mm


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  • Ideal lens protection from optical glass, colour-neutral
  • MC8 coating: four layers on each side, for excellent permeability to light and maximum anti-reflective properties
  • Vapour-deposited, multi-layer coating
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Filter front and back are coated, ensuring no loss of contrast or brilliance and preventing ghosting and double images
  • Ultra-thin, wide mount: prevents vignetting, can remain on the lens permanently
  • Barely increases the lens front section
  • A protected front lens saves expensive repair costs
  • Quality class (glass): optical glass
  • Filter mount made from black anodised metal and blackened inner edges to prevent reflections
  • Edge sealant protects against soiling
  • Stable shape of the mount despite temperature fluctuations

  • Afdeling van product: Fotocamera/Camcorder
  • Filterschroefdraad: 55 mm
  • Glassoort: Optisch Glas (HR)
  • Metalen Vatting: Zwart
  • Montage Dikte: 2,4 mm

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